You may have heard of Gymkhana. You may have not. For those who haven’t, Gymkhana is the practice of testing a driver’s skill. But wait…surely all forms of racing require this, what makes Gymkhana any different? Well, with Gymkhana driving skill is taken to the next level. We’re talking a level of precision that will blow your mind! Imagine 360 spins, 180 degree spins, reversing and with a time limit to contend with too. At its essence Gymkhana is the idea of driving from start to finish whilst hurling your way through obstacles at breakneck speeds. That’s not forgetting that you’re encouraged to drift whilst doing it. With such a wide variety of driving skills on display there’s no question that Gymkhana delivers a truly thrilling viewing experience.


snowdriftaaa by JohnandDez3313

Ken Block, the world renowned rally mentalist is a great example of someone showing the world how it should be done and is close to ‘legend style’ status after his exploits behind the wheel in recent weeks. You may or may not know that he is a self-professed hoonigan. No, not hooligan, hoonigan. Translation, putting your pedal to the mettle and tearing up the streets like a bona fide road warrior. Having earned his stripes in Rally back in 2005 he decided to put the street back into street racing and Gymkhana became the best way of expressing this ethos.

Still rampaging its way across the viral charts is Ken Block’s epic drive through the streets of San Francisco for his Gymkhana 5 vid. This quality ad for his very own DC shoes features the rally maestro pulling off some crazy manoeuvres that will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief. We’re talking heart pounding, jaw dropping craziness. Oh, and your even treated to some precision camera shots of this controlled mayhem in slo-mo. What could be cooler? Well, what about drifting whilst Travis Pastrana, of nitro circus acclaim, wheelies in front of you.  Truly mental!  After a few weeks at the top of the viral chart and with over 23, 000,000 views on YouTube, check out his ‘Gymkhana 5’ vid if you haven’t seen it already.

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