Skydiving – From Newbie to Fanatic

Skydiving always seemed like something other people do. I never saw myself alongside the adrenaline junkies, strapped up in a jumpsuit waiting patiently to take off in a small jet. But it happened, and the transition from office desk to parachute didn’t take nearly as much effort as you might have thought.

The Newbie

As a noob to skydiving I didn’t know what to expect. Would I die, how high would I be going and how long would I be falling? All these questions were answered, but I had to do the jump to find out and soon realised none of the questions even mattered.

So, to begin with, despite being a noob there is nothing to be worried about. Skydiving is perfectly safe and though accidents happen, these cases are rare. Try to forget everything you are envisioning about the experience and let it be something new and inspiring. Each jump is a personal experience and no matter what people say, your skydive will be your own.

Despite being keen, there will be a moment when you fear the skydive. It happens for everyone before his or her first jump, and though some are worse than others, you’ll always have that fear at the back of your mind. This shouldn’t stop you though, because not only will you be strapped to a professional skydiver. But the realisation that you conquered the fear will enhance the whole experience. Without it, skydiving may not have the same attraction.

The Jump

For me, the jump didn’t happen on the first attempt. Because of bad weather it was set back a couple of times. But once it was a clear, cold day (around -20 in the plane) I was ready to take the short presentation on safety and training.

Shortly after, without really realising it, you’re in the plane and flying to the point of free fall. The realisation of what you’re about to do still hasn’t really kicked in. It’s not until the professional, strapped onto your back, tells you that it’s time to move. You place your legs out the plane and look over the side. Possibly a bad move, but it was going to get real sooner or later, there’s no going back from here.


Before the launch you rock back and forth quickly so that you can drop out the plane with more fluidity. And then it happens, you drop. Before you go they tell you to shout or scream so that you aren’t caught holding your breath for the free fall. If that happens, you’re gonna have a bad time. For me, I screamed, and shouted a number of things I can’t type here, but it worked and it was at that point that the adrenaline kicks in.


The jump is a personal experience and one that you will no doubt enjoy, but it’s not until after that the real buzz kicks in. You land, get on your feet and hold back a smile. But no noob can hold it back for long. That skydive smile always breaks through and as you look around you realise what all the fuss is about. You’re hooked on the experience and immediately believe that you can take on the world.

Skydive Fanatic

If after the jump you can’t wait to do it again, there are plenty of places to skydive and take in a whole new experience. These can be local, indoors or around the world. You may want to complete your own research, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

To begin with why not check out Dropzone. This guide to the best spots can help you find a place near you that will run you through the skydiving experience. Simply click on their dropzone locator and you’re almost there.

There are a wide range of ‘best locations to skydive’ but the skydive is what you make of it. If you know a location that has amazing views, such as Hawaii, then this is the location for you. All lists of ‘best’ locations are generic. It should be a personal experience and one that is suited to you.

Still Scared…Try Indoor Skydiving

If you’re still concerned about the skydive then you can always choose a safer option, indoor skydiving. Though not quite the same as the real thing, it can give you a little understanding of what the real skydive will be like. It’s also good fun and something to do that you can be sure to drag your mates too.

indoor skydiving

A skydive is something that everyone should experience, if you’re able to do so. There is nothing quite like it, and after you’ll be a new person. It may take some encouragement to go through with it, but after your experience you’ll soon realise it will be you giving out the encouragement to others.

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