The Zombies Run!

zombies run

Run for your Life at the Zombies Run

You may have heard that running is good for us. Exercise… cardio, whatever you call it, it’s a very important part of keeping healthy, it’s good for the heart…or they say. Why then is it so BORING, surely someone could do something to make the whole debacle more exciting…?

Well now they have! Imagine a race in which, you weren’t racing from for a time or a position; rather you need to get to the end alive to win. By that I mean, you’re going on a zombies run!

With Runforyourlives zombie run is a 5km zombie racecourse, you get to enjoy running combined with the thrill of running through a horde of Zombies, whilst undertaking obstacles. We’re talking mad obstacles, like running through “blood” and climbing haystacks only to then be faced by a mass of zombies. Where do I sign up, even if it does sound a little dangerous? Well, off course the zombies are not real, as they are in fact a group of workers dressed up as zombies and rather than ‘eating your brain’s it’s up to them to try and grab your tags as you run the course. It’s up to the Zombies to deplete your health and your goal is to make it to the end. If you make it through the course then you’re rewarded with a survivors medal, if you don’t then you are awarded the booby prize of having ‘transformed’ into a zombie. To top it all off, at the end of the day you all then gather round for festivities involving music and BEER with the Apocalypse party. Maybe it’s the horror movie lover in me or perhaps it’s the fact that I have often planned my escape route if in fact a Zombie takeover did ever take place. All I know is…I want to do it!

Production wise this event is also top notch as you can see from the promo video at the top of this post and it takes place across the USA including Florida and Southern California. As a bonafide life experience, the zombies run this is something that you really don’t want to miss or at the very least try at least once. For more info, check out

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